Each of Georgia’s 159 counties has a Superior Court. This court is the highest level trial court of the state and consists of two elements – Judges and Superior Court Clerk.

◊The judges are responsible for the operation of the court including the disposition of the cases.

◊The Clerk’s Office maintains the official records of the court, including real estate records.

Every county has four local elected officials whose positions are created by the State Constitution. These are the Sheriff, Probate Judge, Tax Commissioner and Clerk of Superior Court. These positions have four-year terms and the person holding the office is responsible for performing the duties of that office as set forth by the official code of the State of Georgia.

Each county’s growth rate is the driving influence in measuring the workload of the court system. As an example, more cases and real estate records have been filed since 1985 than were filed in the previous 152 years of service.

Mission Statement of the Superior Court Clerk’s Office

Our Mission is to File, Maintain, Protect and Preserve all of the records and documents of the Superior Court Clerk, in the most efficient and highest technological manner obtainable, while making them available to the public with the utmost courtesy and respect to our citizens.