We have partnered with PeachCourt to bring Superior Court eFiling to Cobb County. If you have any questions please refer to PeachCourt’s FAQ below.

Click here to eFile.

Who can e-File?
Any member of the Georgia State Bar can register at no cost.

What can I e-File?
You can initiate and file into General Civil and Domestic Relations cases.

When can I e-File?
PeachCourt is open 24/7. No more rushing to beat a 5 PM deadline.

Why would I e-File?
You can avoid printing, mailing, driving, parking, and standing in line. e-Filing saves time and money. Why would you NOT eFile?

How and when do I pay?
You pay all fees when you submit the filing. Pay with your choice of Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or bank draft.

Is e-Filing mandatory?
Yes, for any case that was initiated as an e-filed case.

Do I get stamped copies?
Yes! After the clerk accepts your filing, you will receive a file-stamped copy of each document at no additional cost.

What about eService?
For $3, PeachCourt can email file-stamped copies of each document to any number of service recipients.

Can I get help with forms?

Yes! PeachCourt creates these for you automagically: Case Initiation Form, Disclosure Statement, Summons, and Sheriff’s Entry of Service. If you are initiating a domestic relations case, PeachCourt will automagically include the standing order, too!

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