Civil E-Filing

We have partnered with PeachCourt to bring Superior Court eFiling to Cobb County. If you have any questions please refer to PeachCourt’s FAQ below.

Click here to eFile.

Who can e-File?
Any member of the Georgia State Bar can register at no cost.

What can I e-File?
You can initiate and file into General Civil and Domestic Relations cases.

When can I e-File?
PeachCourt is open 24/7. No more rushing to beat a 5 PM deadline.

Why would I e-File?
You can avoid printing, mailing, driving, parking, and standing in line. e-Filing saves time and money. Why would you NOT eFile?

How and when do I pay?
You pay all fees when you submit the filing. Pay with your choice of Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or bank draft.

Is e-Filing mandatory?
Yes, for any case that was initiated as an e-filed case.

Do I get stamped copies?
Yes! After the clerk accepts your filing, you will receive a file-stamped copy of each document at no additional cost.

What about eService?
For $3, PeachCourt can email file-stamped copies of each document to any number of service recipients.

Can I get help with forms?

Yes! PeachCourt creates these for you automagically: Case Initiation Form, Disclosure Statement, Summons, and Sheriff’s Entry of Service. If you are initiating a domestic relations case, PeachCourt will automagically include the standing order, too!

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