A Georgia resident must supply to the Clerk of Superior Court proof of residence in the county from which he/she is applying. This proof of residence must be one of the following:
1. A valid Georgia driver’s license;
2. A valid United States passport;
3. A valid voter identification card, or
4. Another form of valid identification document that was issued by a local or state government or the United States government.

“If the current address on the picture ID is not located within Cobb County, then you will be required to also submit proof of residency with one of the following:”
1. Current utility bill within the last 30 days;
2. Current bank statement within the last 30 days;
3. Current rental agreement;
4. Statement from the homeowners that states you reside at the Cobb County address.  This document must be notarized prior to submitting the statement with the application.

A PO Box is NOT considered a residence address. We will need the physical address that the notary resides in currently listed on the application.

Criminal convictions or misdemeanors:

If the applicant has any criminal convictions or misdemeanors, they will need to bring a certified copy of the disposition of the case from the said county’s state or superior court in order for our Clerk of Superior Court’s office to consider approval as a notary public.


The Clerk of Superior Court may deny a commission or recommission to an applicant due to:
1. The applicant’s criminal history;
2. Revocation, suspension, or restriction of any notary commission or professional license issued to the applicant by Georgia or any other state;
3. Commission of any of the acts listed in subsection (a) of Code Section §45-17-15; or
4. A finding by the State Bar of Georgia or by any court of law that the applicant engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

* Any applicant who is denied a notarial commission or recommission can receive a hearing before the Clerk of Superior Court.”