Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Provide Any Forms?

 Yes, see Fees & Forms page.

2. To Whom Do I Make Checks Payable?

Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court

3. Do You Accept Credit/Debit Cards?


4. What Is Your Mailing Address For P.O. Box And FedEx/UPS?

See Real Estate page for physical and P.O. Box.

5. Why Do I Need A Witness?

The law requires at least one witness on certain documents.

6. Can I Make A Single Check For The Recording Fee And Taxes Due?

Yes, the only exception is for Trade Names.

7. How Do You Fill A Deed Out?

Please see Fees and Forms page for examples.

8. How Can I  Get A Copy Of My Recorded Deed (Or Any Document)?

You can print off our website; visit our deed room (see copy fees) or you can mail ina request (deed room copies request forms).

9. Can I Make Payment To Your Office For My Lien?

No, you must make payments to the lien holder.

10. How Do I Get A Copy Of My Condo Floor Plan?

You can print off our website; visit our deed room (see copy fees) or you can mail in a request (deed room copies request forms).

11. Where Do I Get Permits To Build Additions, Fences, Etc.?

It depends on where you live, in the county or the City of Marietta,

12. Do You Report To All Credit Bureaus?


13. Will I Receive Notice After Paying Off My Home Loan?

All security deed cancellations are returned to the borrower unless otherwise instructed by the lender (most cases the lender is your mortgage company).  You can find out if a cancellation, for your security deed has been filed on our website  If you need further assistance please contact our deed room 770-528-1328.

14. Does the Clerk’s Office Notarize Documents?

The Clerk’s Office does not notarize documents.  Find a commissioned Notary in the State of Georgia to have documents notarized prior to your arrival at the Clerk’s Office.

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