COVID-19 Updates


03/13/20 – In response to COVID-19, Chief Judge Reuben Green has declared a judicial emergency. You can view the order here.

03/17/20 3:01PM – Beginning March 18, 2020, the offices of the Superior Court Clerk will be closed to the general public. Please read the Public Closure Statement.

03/18/20 8:00AM – Cobb County has closed the West Park Government Center. Please contact the passport office if you have an appointment.

03/18/20 5:04PM – Chief Judge Green has issued a memorandum regarding the judicial emergency. Click here to read the memorandum

Click here for alterntative filing options.


A Judicial Emergency has been declared for Cobb County.  Click here to read the latest updates. UPDATED 03/20/20 02:36PM