Civil E-Filing Guide


  • Leave the space at the top right corner of your filing blank as that area is where the Clerk’s “filed in office” stamp will be placed.
  • Make sure all signatures are dark enough for scanners to pick up and all print is legible.
  • Do NOT use color paper.
  • When filing new cases, make sure to always place the complaint/petition as the first document, scan each original document separately (IE: acknowledgment, worksheet, agreement, etc.) and to include a disclosure statement for judge assignment purposes.
  • Any exhibits and/or attachments should be labeled and attached to the document it supports, not filed separately.
  • If you are filing a motion, it is still your responsibility to notify the assigned judge. Do not submit orders (signed or unsigned) electronically. Send your proposed order along with a stamped filed copy of the motion directly to the Judge’s Office.
  • Try to avoid waiting to file time-sensitive documents until the end of your deadline. If your filing is rejected and you miss a deadline, you will be required to seek relief from the Judge to which your case is assigned.
  • Do not submit any documents related to scheduling/canceling a court date. This includes, but is not limited to, Rule NISI, Notice of Hearings, or letters to remove from the calendar.
  • Transcripts and depositions are not being accepted electronically at this point.
  • New cases submitted electronically after 4:30 PM will not be accepted until the following business day.
  • Documents that are to be sealed or documents filed into sealed cases are not to be submitted for electronic filing.
  • If you have a document for multiple case numbers, you will need to do a filing under each case, just as if you were doing a traditional filing.
  • Every document filed should have the case style and number on it.
  • The correct case number format for Cobb Superior Court should be either 17102331 or 17-1-2331. The case number is located just above the date on documents that have been previously E-filed. The document ID# is NOT your case number.
  • If you file a pleading electronically, you DO NOT need to provide the Clerk’s Office with the original.
  • At this time, you must request subpoenas either via mail or in person with the Clerk’s Office.
  • If you have questions about electronic filing, contact the Clerk’s Office before submitting your filing to help alleviate possible issues.
  • Peach Court is the vendor for E-filing with Cobb Superior Court, but be mindful that the Clerk of Court is the official record keeper. The docket of the Clerk is the “official record”.  You are able to review case/docket information via the Clerk’s website or on public terminals within the Clerk’s Office.