Rev. 12/23/2019

Real Estate Filing Fees Effective January 1, 2020. 

We accept cash, money order, cashier’s check or certified check, credit or debit card.  Please note if paying in person by credit or debit card, the cardholder must appear in person with proper ID to sign the charge slip.  

Document Type  First Page  Add. Pages 
Deeds (Warranty, Security, Assignments, Satisfactions, Cancellations, etc.) (Additional Cancellations, Releases, Satisfactions, and Assignments are $25.00/each)
OCGA 15-6-77(f)(1)(A)(i) 
$25.00  $0.00 
OCGA 15-6-77(f)(2) 
$10.00  $10.00 
FiFas, Liens, Nulla Bona, Materialman Lien, Lis Pendens, and Notice of Commencement; including Cancellations, Releases, and Assignments (Additional Cancellations, Releases, and Assignments are $25.00/each)
OCGA 15-6-77(f)(1)(A)(ii) 
$25.00  $0.00 
State and Local Tax Liens, Cancellations, Releases, and Assignments
(Additional Cancellations, Releases, and Assignments are $2.00/each)
OCGA 15-6-77(f)(1)(A)(iii) 
$5.00  $2.00 
Trade Names
OCGA 15-6-77(g)(10), 15-21A-6(a), 15-21A-6.1(a), 36-15-9(a)
In addition to the filing fees, there is a publication fee of $40.00. The publication fee is only payable by money order or certified check and must be made payable to the Marietta Daily Journal. 
$171.00  $0.00 
OCGA 15-6-77(g)(16), 15-21A-6(a), 15-21A-6.1(a),
15-23-7, 36-15-9(a) 
$214.00  $0.00 
Both Real Estate and Non-Real Estate UCCs, including Assignments (Additional Assignments $25.00/assignment)
OCGA 15-6-77(f)(1)(A)(i) 
$25.00  $0.00 
Bonds, Landlord Bonds
OCGA 15-6-77(f)(1)(A)(i), 36-82-79, 44-7-32, 44-14-364 
$25.00  $0.00 
OCGA 15-6-77(g)(1) 
$5.00  $2.00 
Notary Commissions/Renewal
OCGA 15-6-77(g)(9), 47-15-61(a), 35-15-9(a), 15-21A-6(a), 15-23-7
$51.00 N/A

Real Estate Filing Forms

Forms are primarily for reference and fields are limited to a maximum of seventy (70) characters.


Warranty Deed

Quit Claim Deed

Power of Attorney – Limited

Cancellation of Security Deed

Paid in Protest

Claim for Refund


Materialman’s and Mechanic’s Claim of Lien

Lien Release

Affidavit for Satisfaction of Execution


Trade Name Registration Form


Request for Documents by Mail

This website contains general information about legal matters pertaining to documents filed with the Clerk of Superior Court. This information is not to be construed as legal advice. It is always in your best interest to consult an attorney regarding questions or concerns prior to filing.  The forms provided are provided for convenience and can be found at most office supply stores. Excluding state forms; there is no requirement for you to use the forms we have provided nor does the Clerk of Superior Court accept responsibility for the use of these forms.  It is your responsibility to file the correct document with the correct information.